Day 3 – We’re halfway home

15 Dec

We’ve completed Day 3 of filming! With that, we’ve officially hit the halfway mark of production. Even more importantly to all the college students on our crew, we’ve reached the end of our first semester final exams!

The chalk on the production slate doesn't match, but it gets the job done.

One of my favorite scenes to shoot by far.

While writing the screenplay, this was the scene I had the most visually mapped out in my head. So naturally, I was incredibly cool, calm, and relaxed throughout the entire shoot. Oh, what a lie. I probably hopped around the set like a rabbit on Ritalin three or four times from nerves alone that night. Lucky for me, I work with some incredibly patient and talented people who can translate my “!!!” and “?!?!” into actual human words.

All things considered, it was a shoot I’ll look back on and point towards as an example of someone copy-pasting a scene from my head into the reality of someone else’s front porch. I can’t wait to show it to you guys. Thank you to our dedicated crew and our phenomenal cast members for braving and working through freezing December temperatures. A special thanks goes out to the Wallnaus for letting us film at their beautiful home, and also for supplying some stellar past-the-last-minute wardrobe services!

Day 4 tomorrow – it might be a bit claustrophobic, we’ll be shooting in a closet the entire night…


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