Day 2 Done!

13 Dec

We wrapped our second day of shooting yesterday on location at the Coca Cafe in Lawrenceville – by far one of the most involved shoots we’ve done yet. I received a voicemail from my parents while shooting – “Yulin, we heard you are in production for your movie and are very tired. We think you should sleep more.” I have a feeling I’ll be receiving these phone calls from my parents until I’m 45 – “How much sleep did you get? What are you eating?” So this post is dedicated to my parents, and the parents of all the crew members on First Kiss – thanks for supporting us and calling to remind us to get some sleep from time to time. Even if that phone call does come right after I’ve just called out, “Quiet on set.”

One of the more fun shoots of the day.

Our first shoot of the second day involved a movie theater scene in which Adam, the hero of our story, sits between two couples making out. In terms of producing for this shoot, about 70% of the stress came from the question, “Which of my coupled-up friends are cool with making out in front of 20 people and a camera for an hour and a half?” All my friends are apparently a puritanical lot of hardworking CMU students who are too busy to have romantic lives. The night before the shoot, we had one couple confirmed out of the two. The next morning, I was in a classically defined tizzy. Could we make it work with just one couple making out? The whole point of the scene was to have Adam surrounded by couples making out!

For the record, when your whole artistic vision hinges on casting a Couple Making Out #2, you might find yourself questioning your artistic integrity. Thankfully, about half an hour before the shoot, we managed to rope in a second couple. #thisjobhastheweirdestproblems

My favorite poet.

Screencap of one of my favorite shots thus far.

We had some amazing extras on Sunday, who stuck it out with us through the long night. (Especially the extras who were my friends who had finals in the morning. You guys are the best ever. Hearts times infinity.) Being an extra in a shot that involves continuity basically means being held hostage until we’ve gotten you from every relevant angle. In exchange, we offer the finest pizza and sodas in all the land. Special thanks also goes out to Jared Pascoe at the Pittsburgh Film Office, who has been plagued with my casting calls and production job postings all semester – you’re a wizard, Jared. Also much thanks to the Coca Cafe in Lawrenceville for allowing us to film on location – I highly recommend anyone reading this post to take the trek out there and try their almond french toast with lemon cream sauce. It will reaffirm your faith in brunch.

My camera with the behind-the-scenes production stills is currently elsewhere, so this post is sadly missing photos of me making frowny faces at shot lists. I know, I’m pretty broken up about it too.

Day 3 is tomorrow night – we’re shooting one of my favorite scenes from the script; I’m so excited I can’t even. Then I’ll go home and write four final papers. Oh right, finals week, that’s still a thing. Hard work is so much harder when it’s not making movies.

Love from,

Yulin Kuang
First Kiss – writer/director


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