Day 1 of Production – Wrapped!

11 Dec

… Like a winter-time present under a holiday bush. After 10 hours of shooting in the December cold, we’ve officially wrapped our first day of production on First Kiss!

I'd like you to think I'm very busy and important.

These bamfs are the real heroes of our production.

Day 1 Shoot MVP Award goes out to Cain Gulbrandsen (pictured above), who plays Adam Schoenberger, the fourteen year old romantic agonizing over the anticipation of his first kiss. Today was Cain’s 14th birthday, which he celebrated with us by filming for hours upon hours in the freezing cold while on location in a sloping cemetery. Legit. 14-year-old me is intimidated by his coolness. 21-year-old me is too.

Our sincere thanks goes out to the lovely staff of Homewood Cemetery for allowing us to film on their grounds today. There is something wildly appealing to the writer in me about holding the first shoot of this production in a 130-year old cemetery. It was pretty much just magic.

Cast and crew defrosting with an interior shoot.

My brain tends to short-circuit after hearing the final, “That’s a wrap!” Whenever we complete the final take of the day’s last shot, I always let out this huge breath that I’ve been holding since the first take of the first shot. I’m not sure what it is about filmmaking that gets me all twitterpated and short-of-breath with nerves and anxiety, but I haven’t yet found anything that rivals the rush of completing a great shoot.

Fortunately, post-film shoot exhaustion means my brain will welcome sleep like Facebook invites procrastination. Here’s to Day 2 of production tomorrow! In the meantime, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Much love,

Yulin Kuang
First Kiss – writer/director


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